Hey everyone! Summer is ~almost~ over - can you believe it?

August was great month here at Teachable. We brought on new team members, crushed work, and finalized a move to a new office (more on that later!) - all while having fun!

A few highlights from the month include:

1) Brought on four new people to the team.

We were happy to bring on an operations manager, new customer care specialist, quality assurance engineer, and a new senior software engineer.

2) Launched a new and improved user interface plus knowledge base.

This was a big project that we had been working on since early July. Read more about it in the next section.

3) A handful of folks on the growth team went to the World Domination Summit conference in Portland, Oregon.

4) Company getaway to WeWork’s Summer Camp in the Adirondacks.

Picture your classic summer camp: gorgeous lake, boats, tennis courts, archery, etc.


Now, imagine a bunch of startup folks from the around the world there for one weekend. Needless to say, it was a blast. Plus, it’s always nice to disconnect from the world for a few days. (Because at Lake Raquette there was zero cell reception and WiFi.)

5) Course Creation + Business Accelerator

Ashley crushed it with the Course Creation + Business Accelerator - a week long workshop series with experts showing you how to move through every step of the course creation process - from ideation to launch.


Admin Interface Makeover

In fact, it was more like a facelift. Here’s a before and after shot to jog your memory.


Before in the Emails > Compose area


After in the Emails > Compose area.

Key differences across the admin area include:

  • Less tabs in the admin sidebar
  • Overall sleeker look and feel
  • Better descriptions across the board  
  • New and improved areas (like Settings > Payments)
  • And more!

This was a big project that started back in July. (Remember - I teased it last month?!) Special shout out to our product designer Sid Yadav who worked tirelessly on it!

Brand Spankin’ New Knowledge Base

Along with the improved interface, we also launched a brand spankin’ new knowledge base. Check it out here. If you’re a content organization nerd (urgh….like me…) you’ll immediately that articles are arranged in a more logical way.


Yay for hierarchy!

We’re excited to keep updating the knowledge base with more articles and videos over the coming months. For the time being, the old knowledge base can still be accessed here. However, we will be switching over fully soon.

Revamped Zapier Integration

Zapier is a simple way to connect and automate tasks between your Teachable school and many other applications.

Our new Zapier integration has eight triggers - meaning when a certain event occurs within your Teachable school, an action is “triggered” in another application.

Here are the triggers we offer:

  • New Sales: A student enrolls in your school, whether it’s a free or paid course
  • New User: A user signs up for your school
  • New Enrollment: A user enrolls in your school (whether they purchased it or you manually added them)
  • Profile Updated: A user updates their profile on your school
  • Lecture Completed: A user completes a lecture
  • New Transaction: A student is charged and makes a payment for a sale (could be a one-time purchase or an ongoing subscription/payment plan)
  • Course Completed: A student completes 100% of your course
  • Subscription Cancelled: A student cancels a subscription on your school

Aside from the triggers, we now have two actions - something we just added:

  • Creating a user
  • Enrolling a user in a course

You can learn all about setting it up a Zapier integration here.


We have a new Payments area that can be found under Settings in your Teachable admin sidebar.


This is where you can specify how you’d like your payouts to be handled.

As a Teachable school owners, you have two options when it comes to processing student payments and receiving your earnings:

  1. Teachable’s default payment gateway (referred to as the Teachable Gateway)
  2. Set up a custom gateway by using your own Stripe and/or PayPal account

When using Teachable’s payment gateway, we handle all payment processing and distribute payouts. Due to Teachable’s 30-day refund policy, we distribute payouts to school owners every 30 days after the month in which the sale took place. For example, if you make a sale on June 15th, you’ll be paid 30 days after June ends. Additionally, when using Teachable’s gateway, we automatically deduct a Teachable transaction fee (2.9% + 30¢) before issuing payment.

On the other hand, when using a custom payment gateway, you’re responsible for processing student payments. Because of this you will receive earnings instantly, and the Teachable transaction fee (2.9% + 30¢) will not be applied.

Please note that custom gateways are only available on professional plans and higher. You can learn more about setting up payouts here.


The content team hosted our first ever Business Accelerator this last week (and maybe a few of you joined?) where we took new-to-teachable users through our signature 7 Step process for launching a course with the goal of taking 100 new course creators to launch.

Over the next 30 days we’re hoping to see some profitable launches and happy people as this cohort moves through a 30 day follow up program along with our very own, Morgan Timm, who is testing the flow and sharing her course creation process with YOU.

Check out the blog every Tuesday as Morgan vlogs about her experience, shares the resources she’s using and gives tips, advice and product demos.

Interested in getting that 30 day follow up sequence? We’ll be launching a 30 Day Course Creation Challenge October 1st. Sign up for the interest list here. As the weather gets as scary, this is an excuse to stay in, sugar load and build a course. Woot woot!

Check out our best content from the month:

And of course, sign up for Make Change Weekly, the newsletter people actually want to open.

Check out our Change Makers from August:

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What up, Brooklyn?

That’s right - Teachable team is moving to Brooklyn on September 1! More team members means we need a bigger office. We’ll be there for the rest of the year.

New Page Editor

Know how much you love the course sales page editor - where you can easily edit and arrange various blocks?

teachable_update_course_page_editor.pngCourse sales page editor

A similar setup will soon be available for all pages across your Teachable school. Keep an eye out!

Continually Improving the Interface + Knowledge Base

We’re still tweaking the admin interface and knowledge base to make your course creation experience even better.

We’re Still Hiring!

Specifically for the following roles:

  • Product Designer
  • Growth Designer & Front-End Engineer
  • Email & Marketing Automation Manager

Learn more about each of the openings here. We’re looking to expand the Teachable team in the coming months. Perks include full health-care coverage, all the beer and coffee you can handle, fun company outings, and working in the best city in the world ;)

See ya in September.

We want to hear from you! How are you finding the new Teachable admin interface? Let us know in the comments.

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Laurence Bradford

Written by Laurence Bradford

Laurence Bradford is an Associate Product Manager at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Laurence manages learntocodewith.me, a blog for people teaching themselves how to code.