We Stand with Immigrants and Refugees

Take the Teachable Pledge and donate a percentage of your course sales to charities focusing on civil liberties and immigrant and refugee advocacy. Let’s reach our $100,000 goal.

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Like hundreds of millions of people across the United States of America and the globe, the entire Teachable team has been watching the events of the past week unfold with sadness and anger. We are not a company founded on political activism—but after discussing and debating, we came to the unanimous conclusion that we could not stay silent any longer.

As a business, as a team, and as a group of people who care, we stand with refugees, immigrants, and anyone affected by the immigration ban in the U.S. We condemn the recent executive order banning immigrants and visa-holders from entering the U.S. and urge others to do the same.

Why we're doing this

To explain why we feel so strongly about this, we need to explain first where we come from as a company.

In many ways, the story of Teachable represents the best of the American dream. Our founder is an immigrant, who started this company based on the belief that everyone can learn—and anyone can teach. From this idea, we’ve built an organization that employs a team of more than 30: immigrant and American-born alike.

At Teachable, we believe that listening to and learning from people from different backgrounds and places makes us better, and that our diversity as a team is one of the greatest assets of our company. To us, diversity isn’t a meaningless corporate buzzword, rather one of the core aspects of our identity as a team.

We believe that diversity and unity go hand-in-hand, and that the effects of the recent executive order issued by the U.S. government will divide instead of unite us, harming the most vulnerable among us, including refugees fleeing persecution. We welcome future generations of talented, intelligent individuals who have so much to contribute to our country.

What we're doing

And we know that just making a statement is not enough. Accordingly, we are taking several actions to back up what we believe in:

  1. In the month of February, we’re donating all of our transaction fees from course sales on our platform to charities focusing on civil liberties and immigrant and refugee advocacy.
  2. We also invite the thousands of instructors and businesses using the Teachable course platform to donate a percentage of their course sales. Together, we hope to reach $100,000.
  3. As a course creation platform, we are committed to making educational materials more accessible. We have started building a resource page with free courses to aid those affected by the immigration ban and those who want to do something to help—from immigration law basics, to English as a second language, to introductory Arabic for English speakers.

The online education industry is in a unique position to do good in the world. We firmly believe that everything is teachable, and that anyone can teach, regardless of your physical location or life history. It would be a shame if we didn’t use this technology, this platform, this movement for something good.

We are committed to supporting our users—regardless of your personal beliefs, traditions, credences and opinions—and we hope that you will use what we have to offer to spread knowledge and make the world a better place. If you'd like to join us in taking action against the immigration ban, please take the pledge below.

Happy teaching! Now go change the world.





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