Mariah Coz of Webinar Rockstar is known for hosting the most successful webinars in the industry, here's the EXACT 4-step process she uses to create a webinar.

Mariah Coz calls herself the Femtrepreneur. She currently makes over six figures a month, a sum so large, you’d figure she’s doing something illegal.

She’s not. She’s doing webinars.

Let me give you a bit of background on Mariah. She's started three profitable businesses: an e-commerce shop, a design/build blog selling services and products, and Femtrepreneur her brand and online school currently hosted on Teachable.

However, on a fateful day in March 2015, Mariah hosted her first webinar. She gave herself a 24-hour deadline to prep for it, notify her audience and figure out the tech side of things. Within 1 hour, she made $4,000. It’s no surprise that this kind of money brought on an epiphany.

As Mariah told us, “I thought to myself, what if I did this the right way?”

Since that moment, she hosted close to 50 webinars growing her email list to over 8,000 people, expanded her network so that her idols are now her friends and went from making $10K per month to $100K per month. She's become a Webinar Rockstar, which is also the name of her new course. 

With the highest conversion rates in the industry, we hosted a webinar about webinars to figure out what’s this boss babe’s secret and now, drumroll please, we’re sharing it.



A webinar is basically a free live training. To get specific, Minitex calls it "a live meeting that takes place over the web. The meeting can be a presentation, discussion, demonstration, or instructional session. Participants can view documents and applications via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion." 

You invite a group of people to join you online, can speak with them personally, share your screen and make a sales offer at the end.


Before we go into exactly how to create a webinar that converts, I want to quickly reiterate why these online live trainings are THE best way to launch your course, make sales and drive recurring revenue. The trifecta.

“Webinars are the best way to share your expertise. The conversion rates are insane. Starting to do webinars to sell my courses has changed my business, I went from making 6 figures a year to making 6 figures a month.” 
- Mariah Coz

If you look at the charts below, you can see just how drastic that change was.

Webinar Growth Example

The large spike is when she started doing webinars and experienced exponential growth.

If you’d like the full detailed recording of the webinar between Teachable CEO Ankur Nagpal and Mariah Coz, click below and download it. It will blow your mind and includes case studies, marketing strategies and details on Mariah’s webinars that I’ve not included in this blog post.


It’s this format, a mix between the personal and impersonal, the individual and mass outreach that makes them incredibly impactful for 7 Key Reasons: 

1. Grow Your Email List

As you’ve probably heard our co-founder Conrad Wadowski reiterate, there’s nothing more important to growing your online business than growing your email list. It’s what gives you direct access to customers to educate, inspire and sell to them. The larger the list, the larger number of people you can potentially convert.

Whenever you host a webinar, anyone signing up for the event is also adding their email to your subscriber list.   

Mariah calls a webinar the best way to grow your list and consistently adds 500-2,000 people to her list when she does webinars. In fact, she credits webbys with growing her list from 0 to 8,000 in just 6 months.

2. Convert Like a Champ

Do you know what the conversion rates from email open to purchase on an email are? Around 2-3% according to Mariah. That seems high to me considering, average clicks on email links are just 2-3% (according to MailChimp), and only a fraction of those clicking will actually buy your offer. Do you know what the conversion on social media is? Dismally lower than 1% according to ConversionXL

Want to know what Mariah consistently converts at? Thirty to forty percent! This number is astronomical if you look at other major marketing efforts (blog posts, podcasts, social media).

A number like this is incredibly powerful. It means that even if you have a small audience, which most of us starting out do, you can still make money with webinars.

3. Build Industry Relationships

Webinars are more fun with friends. Why? Because they are a win-win. When you team up with someone to conduct a webinar you’re both tapping each other's network and both making money from the event. What’s not to like?

Similar to the way interviews work, a webinar gives you the chance to reach out to influencers and peers in a meaningful way and you have something valuable to offer. Hosting webinars as a joint-venture or an affiliate is a great way to build your industry relationships.

4. Dominate Your Niche Market

There’s nothing like a live training for hundreds of people to spur testimonials and social proof about your product.

Teachable's Webinar Launch Formula

5. Grow Your Brand

“My brand skyrocketed after webinars because you have a name and brand recognition,” Mariah said in her webinar with us. 

It’s true. Working with partners, training hundreds and becoming the master of your industry all contributes to your brand.

6. Batched Live Engagement

When you run a webinar, you’re “creating fans for life.” That’s because despite the online event being shared by hundreds, you can speak individually with each person through a streaming chat and the live Q&A. This isn't possible in any other medium. Take for example this blog post, I’ll be lucky if I get a fraction of you to comment. 

(Sidenote: Here's your chance to prove me wrong and leave a comment below!) 

Having a manageable two-way conversation with hundreds of people at once. That’s pretty spectacular.

7. Create Reusable Content

I am a huge fan of reusable content. Ever since I read Content Rules by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, I live by the rule “Repurpose and Recycle.” 

An ebook can easily become 12 blog posts and each subhead in a blog post a tweet. I try to make my content work for me rather than the opposite. Webinars are perfect for this. 

One webinar can become

  • Lead generation via YouTube
  • You can sell the recording as passive income
  • A permanent funnel if you post it on another property
  • A blog post
  • Social media
  • A lead magnet if you have people opt in to view the content


They’re extremely scalable. There is a very small difference in your presentation if you’re speaking to 100 people or 400. While they’re great for growth, “If you have a tiny list and tiny audience this is literally the best way to make sales,” Mariah told us.  


How to Create a Webinar in 4 Steps

1. Preparare the webinar topic, name, and pages 

Choose your topic

We’re going to make this very easy for you. Choose your most popular blog post or a module from your online course that has gotten positive feedback. This is a tested and data backed way to make sure people will be interested in your topic. 

Give your webinar a name

Think of this as the same way we think of naming your course. You want to provide someone a very clear transformation within the title and subtitle.

Compare: “Personal Finance 101” to “Blueprint to Personal Finance: How to manage your personal finances in 7 easy steps to avoid debt and pad your savings” 

You also want to list the five things someone will get in your webinar, make them mouthwateringly enticing so people sign up. 


Webinar Example with Teachable and Femtrepreneur

Create your webinar pages

There are three pages that have to be designed: the registration page, the thank you page and the live page.

You can set them up through Leadpages and be sure to pay extra close attention to the thank-you page. 


Teachable webinar registration page example


Teachable live webinar page example



Teachable webinar thank you page example

Create your promo images 

You’ll want a stand-out branded image that promotes your webinar, but here’s the kicker, make a version of your image for each social media so it is perfect for each medium.

Here’s an example of one promotional image Mariah used. It was resized for Twitter, for Facebook and for Instagram.

Mariah coz webinar ad, social media

“People aren’t going to read every tweet...they see this and look at the quality and think I need to go to that and that’s an EVENT and it gets shared all around because of the images,” Mariah told us.

2. Promote your webinar to get attendees

Write your sales emails like sales pages

As Mariah told us,There is so much free content online. A free webinar is NOT good enough...Write those emails like they are freaking sales pages. Gives those emails the attention they deserve. Tell a story, talk about why you’re holding this webinar, how specifically it will benefit them and how their lives will look after. This is sales page psychology and I’m putting that into each email.” 

Send out 2-3 reminders

Here’s the formula:

  1. Send the first reminder 3 days before the webinar
  2. 1 a day before
  3. 1 the morning of 

Write relevant blog posts with opt-ins for your webinar

Every time you do a webinar, personalize your site to it. Create pop-ups for the event, mention it in your blog posts with a link to sign up, use a welcome mat (from SumoMe), add an announcement to your homepage. 

Use the typical tools you would use to grow your list to funnel people into your webinar. It’s essentially the same thing. 

Utilize Social Media Promotion.

Again, you have customized images, use them. You need to tweet multiple times a day, that means 5-10 times per day, since Twitter is a live feed and one message will get lost.

Remember to use bitly to make a shortened link.

Social Amplification by Design

Mariah puts special emphasis on her Thank You page that she creates through Leadpages.

The way the technology works, you can encourage people on your list to share your webinar via the thank you page with simple messaging.

It’s built in social sharing that amplifies your promotion. 

3. Practice your webinar pitch

Give Yourself Time & Practice

When you’re creating your webinar, give yourself plenty of time to get organized and get your technology in line. Especially if this is your first time, it will help you stay calm and not be rushed. 

Also, practice your pitch. Even though Mariah is a pro, she’s practiced her individual webinar pitches multiple times before she goes on air.

Share Your Story, but Not Too Much

Share your background at the beginning of the webinar, but don’t just talk about yourself, talk about your story as it relates to the webinar topic.

“After studying webinars, people spend too much time on their story, the hero journey...keep it short, no one cares about your life that much.”

In essence, share what’s needed and relevant, but no more.

Educate Your Audience

Assume that your audience isn’t even sold on the idea of your topic. Assume they don’t care AT ALL about your topic. You need to first educate them on your topic, why it’s a problem, why you can provide life-changing results BEFORE you get to any kind of pitching.

Provide Real Value

Share your best content during your webinar because you literally have 45 mins to blow the socks off of everyone in your audience,” Mariah told us.

You need to convince people you’re an expert, why they should spend money with you. Do. not. hold. back. 

The only reason you don’t give away your whole course is because you don’t have time to talk about the whole thing. 

Mariah has done 50 webinars total and people show up because they are learning actionable skills from each and every one.

Transition into the pitch

To transition into your pitch, ask a question and ask your audience how much they’ve learned. The zinger is: Where are you now, do you feel confident and like you, could do X? 

Show don’t tell

Whatever your pitch is, it’s going to be more impactful if you can represent it visually.

For example, check out one of Mariah’s visual pitches:

Mariah Coz, Femtrepreneur webinar pitch example

Notice how it has physical reminders of everything someone is getting. Mariah saw higher conversions if she shows the inside of her course so people know exactly what they’re paying for.

 Webinar images example


Urgency and bonuses

It’s a common sales tactic to create urgency to get your audience to buy and buy now. 

To do this with a webinar, you’ll want a fast action bonus and 24-hour offer. The fast action bonus comes at the end of the webinar while you are still live, the 24-hour bonus is the second offer, slightly less valuable, that lasts for the 24 hours after the webinar.

Remember to use strong call-to-actions AND walk people through the check-out process. Especially with digital products any confusion will turn people away. Walk people through it so there are no surprises. 

Webinar urgency and bonus examples

Your Offer

The best way to add value to the course you’re selling is to bundle it with other goods. A few suggestions are:

  • Course + a service (like consulting or a done-for-you aspect)
  • Course + bonus (maybe a new module, workshop, photoshop template)
  • Course + software (Mariah’s favorite since it’s a complete package of skills + software)
  • Course+ Course (#classic)

4. Follow up after the webinar 

In the 12 hours after your webinar you can TRIPLE your sales. Woah. Do not get lazy after your webinar. It’s tempting to relax after a high adrenaline event, but don’t do it. 

Three Post-Webinar Emails

After your webinar, we suggest sending three emails. The replay, the reminder and the last chance email all through integrated emotional email strategy. That means, these emails aren’t just boring copy “Hey, watch the replay.”

They are tactful emails that motivate people to take action.

The replay reminder comes out as soon as possible after the webinar. It not only has a link to the replay of the webinar, but it includes social proof. 

You can take screenshots of the conversation during the webinar or include Tweets and testimonials to increase the value of the replay. 


Teachable webinar follow up email example

The reminder email comes out the morning that the offer comes down. It reminds people that the replay and offer are coming down and add a sense of urgency to buy. Explain the offer in bullet points within the email.

If this feels like a sales email, it is.

The last chance email is the most effective. It’s sent just a few hours before the offer closes. It’s the urgency email. Tell how many people have bought, how much time is left, that this is a one time offer. It’s similar to a launch email. 

This triples Mariah’s sale. Every. Single. Time.

Mariah goes on to explain how she stacks her webinars in 4 ways creating a “webinar profit cake.” If you’d like details on how exactly she does this, check out the full recording here.


As you know, here at
Teachable, we’re all about giving you everything you need to succeed. Below is a list of the tools and technology Mariah uses during her own webinars to create a stunning live experience. You don’t have to use these tools and can certainly work around and build a home video studio, but if this is your 2nd or 3rd webinar and you want to up your game, consider this list.


    1. Microphone: Blue Yeti (this should be your FIRST investment and we would consider buying this for even your first webinar)
    2. Webcam: Logitech C920 Webcam
    3. Optional Monitor: LG LG34UM94P 34UM94-P 34" UltraWide 21:9 LED Backlit IPS Monitor
    4. Leadpages: Sets up your three webinar pages. Amazing call-to-action buttons.
    5. Hangouts on Air: Free google hangout on air that is embedded in your Leadpages.
    6. Chatbox: Chatango (Which is what we used in our webinar with Mariah) or (which you can use to do webinars within you course)

Look here for Mariah’s setup:

Mariah Coz's webinar recording setup 


The ideal time to start doing webinars around your launch is 30 days prior to your course launch. You can conduct pitch-free webinars that simply grow your expertise in an area and add people to your email list OR you can use these as preselling webinars to your course.

Always the entrepreneur, Mariah made 30K in presale webinars to her course. Her formula was 4 webinars in 30 days. Three of them were joint-venture, one solo. She presold her course through her sales page even though her content wasn’t fully created, and her launch was incredibly successful.

Once you launch your course, the webinars continue. In your seven-day launch, you’re going to give a signature webinar about your course 2-4 times in your launch week. It’s simply a way to give you more opportunities to make a sale.

Want details on any of the above? Download a copy of the webinar using the button below. It’s 2 hours of amazing FREE content going into detail about webinar best practices. What I left out in this post was additional information on:

  • How Mariah implemented this advice into her own webinar
  • How she worked with joint ventures and affiliates to grow her business dramatically
  • Multiple case studies on how other course creators used webinars to grow their own businesses.

At two hours, this is basically a free movie walking you through the process. Get it now.


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