Teachable Blog Editorial Guidelines

So you’re interested in creating for the Teachable Blog? Stunning! We can’t wait to hear your idea BUT before you begin, let’s get on the same page. We accept written articles, infographics and SlideShare decks.The Teachable community has one goal: to share information that above all else helps other community members on their journey to build and market a successful course or digital product.The blog exists as a place to share lessons learned on creating content, growing audiences and generating money while sharing your knowledge. We are course creation focused, but many of these lessons are derived from and apply to online marketing, ecommerce, audience building, blogging, YouTubing, podcasting and digital products.If you know about any of these topics - holla at us. But first! Let us save you some time with a few of our editorial guidelines related to a sandwich (because YUM):

  1. Emphasis on actionable - We want our readers to learn about something and then able to do it! A sandwich has bread and filling, but how do we put it together, what kind of bread do we buy and where to we get the good noms to make it with?

  2. Quality, Quality Quality - Our posts are long, thorough and complete guides - not 700 word snippets on theory. That’s lame. We don’t want to hear about how good you grilled cheese sammy is, we want to know how to make it.

  3. Easily perceived organization - We want our articles (and sandwich) to be munchable and easily digestible. Big blocks of text = no. Three to four sentence paragraphs within a list, step-by-step guide or break down of examples = YASSSS.

  4. Check out examples - A how-to post, a listicle, an article, an infographic, a SlideShare deck.

  5. Links - We likey. If you did research, which we hope you did, cite your source by linking to it. We wanna click on a link to find the best sandwich.

  6. No swearing - That’s a sexy sandwich NOT we want that f***ing sandwich. Kids use our platform. Come on.

  7. Word count: 1K-7K. We wanna know allllll about that sandwich.

  8. Images - Include them, but none of that “ironic” or “hilarious” crap that internet marketers use. None. I’m serious. There should be an organization to your photos. Writing about 10 sales pages - maybe you have 1 sales page image for each one you describe. That makes sense, this does not.


Stale stock sandwich < sandwich from a real person on Instagram. You can feel the difference.

sandwich.pngIf you’d like to pitch your idea, email morgan@teachable.com.

Together we will work out a live date. We want a draft at least 10 business days before it will go live in a shared Google Doc. We will make edits and give you time to make them. You send us the second draft. We'll do a final polish and let you know when it is set to go live. Bada bing. Bada boom.

Looking forward to hearing your story.