For six months I've been sharing course creation tips with y'all and encouraging you to start your own online course. I've been a fly on the wall for more course launches than I can count and I've seen so many people succeed, which is why I'm always so excited to push you to create your course.

Well, it's time I put my money where my mouth is and start my own online course. I've been telling you to do it for so long, and really, I have no excuse for not doing it myself.

Over the next seven weeks I will be following our 7 step course creation process and taking you along on the journey. I officially start the process today, and in case you wanted to follow along here is an overview of everything I'll cover week by week:

Week One: Ideation

I've already thought a lot about my idea, and while I've got a general feel for the direction I'm going with my online course, I'm eager to go through and validate my idea with my audience and come up with a targeted transformation.

When you’re coming up with your course idea, providing a transformation is essential because the transformation is the reason people will take your online course. 

If you've ever wondered how to create an online course check out this post walking you through ideation, creation, and selling your online course.

I'll be able to look to my blogs to come up with my course idea, but if you're not a blogger, you can also go to the places where your target audience hangs out online. This can be a subreddit, forum, facebook group or other online space.

Lurk a bit to figure out what painpoints people are having. By determining the painpoints your audience has, this allows you to hone in on the exact transformation your course needs to excite your audience and get them to buy when you launch.  

Week two: Grow your audience

People love anything free, and the best way to grow your email list is to give something related to your online course away for free.

This product will be your lead magnet and it’s intended to draw in a targeted and interested audience. This lead magnet will prove to your audience that you produce quality content and that you’re a trusted resource.

If you've ever wondered how to create an online course check out this post walking you through ideation, creation, and selling your online course.

Once upon a time I created a lead magnet that I thought was great for my blog - but it wasn't. I've learned a lot since then and know that I'm in serious need of an upgrade.

So this week, I'll be showing you how I create my new lead magnet (offering guidance for those of you with and without Adobe Suite).

Week three: Set revenue and income goals

Looking to create an online course but need an accountability partner? We've got you covered! Morgan, one of Teachable's content marketers will be walking you through her course creation process and offering you tips and resources so you can follow along!We've all seen online course creators make bank and I think we'd be lying if we said we didn't want in on that. But it's important to set goals that are more specific than just “make money”.

During Week 3, I'll be going over the formula you need to follow and using the formula myself to set my goals for my online course.

Week four: Price your course

Don’t be afraid of pricing your course too high, we dug into the data and found that students actually hold courses that they’ve paid more for as being more valuable and they are more likely to complete them.

People often times associate “cheap” with “low-quality” and will be less inclined to buy based on that perceived value.

If you've ever wondered how to create an online course check out this post walking you through ideation, creation, and selling your online course.

We recommend that you price your course at at least $100, but really there is a good chance that you can charge significantly more than that.

We have an entire post on pricing your online course that you should check out - there is even a free price calculator to simplify the process!

Week five: Create your sales page

Here is where all your hard work starts paying off. It’s easy to get your school online with Teachable’s software, and you can get the ball rolling within 5 minutes. If you've ever wondered how to create an online course check out this post walking you through ideation, creation, and selling your online course.ExampleMakeFabulousCakes by Darlene Abarquez

When I set up my salespage, I'll take you along with. We'll look at other course creators' salespages, and talk about strategy for creating a sales page that converts.

Week six: Create and record content

When people ask how to create an online course - this is often where they get stuck.

They know what they want to teach - but actually going about it is another story entirely.

The best way to plan out your course is to write down every step that someone would need to do in chronological order to get their desired outcome. Each step then becomes a lesson in your course.

You don’t need a huge production budget, either. We’ll show you how to get set up for next to nothing so you can start recording oscar-quality video from your home. With just a cellphone or webcam and a few strategically placed pillows for sound proofing, you’ll have your own DIY video studio.


I'll show you just how easy setting up a studio can be (I'm likely to be filming in my basement office, so if I can do it and make it look nice, you can too!). Plus, I"ll explain how I create and edit the content with all free tools. 

Week seven: Launch your course

At Teachable we've created a plug-and-play email launch sequence for you. It's called Teachable's Crazy 8 Launch Strategy

It's easy to implement, effective and been used by members of our community to make 5 figures on their launch! 

We've seen so many success stories come from it, I'm eager to try it out myself and document the process.If you've ever wondered how to create an online course check out this post walking you through ideation, creation, and selling your online course.The idea is simple, after building your email list and nurturing them with some free content (like blog posts, videos, etc), you launch your course through a series of strategic emails. 

Whew! Are you still with me? And more importantly: will you be joining me? 

When it's all written out it seems like a lot, but I promise you that you'll have no trouble following along. Make sure to subscribe to Teachable's YouTube Channel to see the weekly uploads.

This week's tasks:

  • Read this post all about ideation & download the worksheet in the post
  • Come up with a list of interests and passions you'd be happy to teach
  • Create transformations for each idea
    • Transformations = an outcome. If you're passionate about gardening, what will your student get from you course? Maybe you'll teach them how to grow tomatoes year round, or pest-proof their outdoor garden. 
  • Find where people who are interested in these topics hang out online and start engaging
    • Think Facebook communities, Reddit, Quora, online forums, etc.
    • If you can't find an audience for an idea move on to the next!
  • Officially decide on an idea and start engaging with relevant communities online
  • Create an outline of what you need to teach in order to get to your transformation

See? The above doesn't seem to difficult at all, right? Join me in getting started, and comment below letting me know how it's going! I'm cheering you on!

Once YOU'VE come up with your profitable course idea let me know what it is in the comments! I'll be updating you with my idea and the communities I've joined and posted to in next week's post as well as getting you all up to speed on what we need to accomplish during week two!

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