Recently, Rand Fishkin tweeted that, in his opinion, the only good presentation resulting from a Google search “creating great presentations” was this deck on The rest of the search results were “obvious, bland, me-too advice…too basic w/ mostly poor examples.” Ouch.

Rand is the man. A man with a plan and a mustache.

If you’re not familiar with Rand Fishkin, now’s the time to be. He runs Moz, the popular service focused on helping companies and agencies improve their SEO, and co-founded

These tweets sound like a challenge. In the past week, I’ve gone through all the best online content and courses I could find (over numerous pots of coffee) about creating great presentations.

How to create great presentations

From performing extensive research, I've found it all comes down to these 4 steps:

  1. Plan: Determine who is your audience and craft a story to connect with them.
  2. Design: Create slides that will reinforce your speech, not distract from it.
  3. Practice: Work on your tone, speed, inflection, and body language with friends, in front of a mirror, or record yourself.
  4. Give: Include a handout of key points, extra details, references/links, contact details.

I explain each of these steps in depth in this one easily munchable SlideShare.

Please, dig in.

To help (and inspire) you to create a great presentation, I designed 3 Gorgeous Free PowerPoint & Keynote Templates/Themes for you to download! I also included all of the commercially free fonts used in the templates, plus PDF versions, so you can see exactly how the slides look for me.


Have you used these in your presentations or have anything to add? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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Allison Haag

Written by Allison Haag

Allison Haag is a Content Marketer & Designer at Teachable (Create & Sell Online Courses) who pulls design inspiration from her worldwide adventures.