Are you on the hunt for free Keynote templates or PowerPoint slides?

Well designed slides will impress your students and make your course feel more professional. With that said: we’re not all natural born designers, and creating DIY course slides requires a bit of know how.

Or, some great powerpoint and keynote templates.

It’s easy to know what makes slides unappealing: too much information crammed into one slide, cheesy graphics, confusing complex data, you get my drift. On the other hand, figuring out how to make your slides beautiful is a bit trickier.

We all know that engaging visuals are essential for your content or course, but producing them is challenging, especially if design isn’t your strength.

Free Keynote and PowerPoint Slides

To inspire (and help) you, I’ve designed three gorgeous PowerPoint and Keynote templates/themes to use in your presentations, SlideShares, or online courses.


I’ve included basic design tips, color palettes and fonts in each template, plus a PowerPoint and a Keynote 09 version (based on the software you may have.)

I recommend checking out my SlideShare to learn how to create great presentations, which has extra design tips and explores presentation structure. It was also featured on the homepage of SlideShare.

These templates are a guide for you, so customize them to your heart’s content, or follow them exactly. How you use them is up to you.

Here’s a preview of one of the templates, and if you like what you see, you can download it free below.

Click the button below to get:

  • 3 beautiful PowerPoint and Keynote templates/themes (including the one in the SlideShare)
  • PDFs of what the templates look like for me (for your reference)
  • All of the commercially free fonts used in the templates


Before you get started designing your presentation, install the included fonts on your computer, if you don’t have them already. This will help ensure your templates look like mine.

Were these free templates helpful for you? Do you have any questions about how to use them? Let me know in the comments below.

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Allison Haag

Written by Allison Haag

Allison Haag is a Content Marketer & Designer at Teachable (Create & Sell Online Courses) who pulls design inspiration from her worldwide adventures.