I have a business crush (I’ve actually got a few). They send the few emails I can’t wait to open up because I know there’s something good on the inside - something I want to read and need to hear. Juicy content that speaks to me.

And all I want to do is send a bajillion emails, one after the other, all with the subject line LET’S BE FRIENDS and proceed to pick their brians for hours on end.

But that, my friends, is creepy and asks way too much, so don’t do it.
Instead, get smart. Because of technology, it’s become much easier for us to speak to, get advice from and connect with our role models in a professional way.

In this technological age we are lucky enough to be able to join our role models on live streams and webinars, and pick their brains during live Q&A's.

If you want to join the ranks of your role models and gain influence and income through your own profitable course, you should sign up for our 7 Steps Webinar where we walk you through our signature process to creating a profitable online course.


Before our book to course workshop we actually asked each entrepreneur: What was the most surprising business lesson you learned in 2016?

Here’s what they had to say...


laura-roeder.jpgLaura Roeder is the founder of Edgar - the social media scheduling tool we use here at Teachable & one that we L-O-V-E.

I'm a fan of the company not only for their amazing product, but their voice. Every email, blog post, site page of Edgar is punny as hell and utterly delightful. So you can imagine how sharp Laura is. 

"I've learned that if you aren't growing you're dying! Running a business is finding that perfect mix of continuing to improve what you do well while exploring the new strategies that will take you to the next level. You can't keep putting in the same input and expect a different output."

She'll be speaking about Hacking Your Social Media Marketing on May 13th.


natalie-sisson.jpgNatalie Sisson is The Suitcase Entrepreneur runnning a business while traveling to 69 countries. She's the epitome of financial freedom and what a solopreneur can do and afford. (I want to be her.)

As an author who's created a digitial course, she's got a jam-packed workshop for you. 

"The power of delegating to a team and letting them take over parts of your business to make it even better. I've taken on a few new team members and they're rocking my world. I also just had my virtual assistant take on a full time job elsewhere (very happy for her) but with a short handover it made me realize how my systems and SOPs actually work and the transition has been relatively straight forward.


Vanessa van Edwards in the Teachable Book to Course SummitVanessa van Edwards is the founder of ScienceofPeople.com, a human behavior research lab & successful course creator. Her business, which focuses on psychology and gaining influence is TED as hell and I can't wait to hear her workshop.

From working as a colunist at the Huffington Post to consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Vanessa knows what's up. Her panel on self-publishing your book in 2016 with Pat Flynn is jam-packed with information that can change your biz.

"I learned that increasing my rates actually helped me get more clients. I was terrified about doubling my rates but have found it was the best thing I could have done and should have done it sooner!"


Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers speaking in Teachable's Book to Course summitJoanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers is 100% one of my personal role models. An English major who ditched law school for copywriting and a pioneer of HackerNews before it was a joke on Silicon Valley, she's a total BA. 

Between a thriving writing business, a newly launched course and keeping us wandering copywriters in line, Joanna's panel with Natalie on going from book to course is not something you want to miss. 

"That it's a real business! Honestly, I spent the last four years employing only 1.5 people, including moi. And now 2016 has seen me hire four full-timers so far. It's taught me that my business expands to the size of the "box" I put it in. When I keep the box tiny, the business stays tiny; when I hire talented people to help me push out the walls of the box, the business opens up, breathes and grows."


Joseph Michael speaking in Teachable's Book to Course Summit. Joseph Michael who created the successful online course, Learn Scrivener Fast, is joining Teachable founder Ankur Napgal for the kick-off workshop on May 11th

"That time spent planning is never wasted. Taking time to slow down in order to speed up is important. I've learned that for every 1 hour spent in strategic planning to expect 2 hours worth of results. Activity does not always equal progress. You've got to be working on the right things at the right times."


Paul Jarvis speaking at the Teachable Book to Course Summit. Paul Jarvis is a 4-time bestselling author, and the only thing cooler is that he's going to teach you how you can do it too. His panel on How To Crack the Bestseller List as A First Time Author is dead cool and smart. 

With Brent Underwood, Chandler Bolt and Nathan Latka also on the panel, this discussion is going to shed light on a once mysterious list.

"I shouldn't just avoid a business because I don't like how others do it. The most successful folks run their businesses their own way, regardless of the norm or paradigm that currently exists."


Navid Moazzez speaking at the Teachable Book to Course Summit. Navid Moazzez is an expert on virtual summits and is a creator of the course Virtual Summit Mastery. His workshop will spell out how to connect with partners online to promote your online course.

"The most surprising thing I learned about my business so far in 2016 is something I probably should have realized way sooner. Although I've had an awesome designer working with me for quite some time, I didn't really start to bring more A-players on my team until recently, like an automation team, an affiliate manager and FB ads guy.

I also finally hired an assistant so I can provide even better support to people in my audience and to my customers. This has been a game changer for me so I can focus on the most important things only I can do, and I'm growing my business much faster because I invested in building my team. Maybe I could have started doing this sooner, but I didn't feel comfortable to make this investment until now... and I'm looking to bring more people on board as I grow as well since I definitely see the power of building my team of A-players now that work for the same vision".


Melyssa Griffin is moderating a panel in Teachable's Book to Course Summit. If you've been reading the Teachable Blog, then you know how much we heart Melyssa Griffin. With beautiful designs, effective course launches and an income that makes even our jaws drop, she is someone people come out in troves to listen to (including myself).

She's hosting Regina Anaejionu's workshop How to Go From Zero to Self-Published Book in 90 Days, which shares action-packed and easy-to-implement strategies on how to go from zero to self-published.

"That with online courses, I can take middle-of-the-week trips and not feel guilty or stressed since my business is able to run on autopilot. :-) " 

Come join Teachable as we go behind the scenes with 25 bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs and influencers in the Book to Course Summit. It starts May 11th-18ths, so get your free spot now! Since we're too excited to wait to hear from our experts, we asked them "What was the most surprising thing they learned about their business so far this year?"  This is what they had to say!

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Ashley Hockney

Written by Ashley Hockney

Ashley Hockney is the Content Marketer & Writer at Teachable (Create & Sell Online Courses). Her knowledge spans both the marketing and literary fields. Her background is in food & beverage PR i.e. she wants to talk to you about single malts.